Asian Vegetable Workshop April 9th

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Asian Vegetable Workshop April 9th


A demo-style workshop at The Fumbally Stables. 

10 am - 4 pm

During this full day workshop I will demonstrate and talk you through some of my favourite dishes, and will give you instructions on how to prepare the dishes at home. 

The flavours of my childhood; the mish-mash of Hong Kong taste and cuisine seem to make it’s way into my food more and more frequently. In the last number of years I’ve become increasingly interested in Japanese and Korean food.  Japanese food has a subtlety and balance that I find quite beautiful, while Korean food has that hit-you-in-the-face-tasty-thing going on. 

This workshop is perfect for someone who loves to cook but wants to increase there repertoire when it comes to vegetables, whole ingredients, and seaweed.  As always there will be a healthy aspect to a lot of the food we prepare (with a few treats thrown in for good measure).  There will be a lot of tasting during the day and a wee sit down lunch break half way through.  Everyone will take home all recipes and a jar of something we make during the workshop. 

Some recipes we will cover: 

Agedaishi Tofu (crispy tofu in soup); The Perfect Rice Bowls; Pickles; Kimchi; Mushroom, Tamari and Buckwheat Noodle Broth; Kale with Garlic Ginger Peanut Butter and Chilli Vinegar; Steamed Broccoli with Nori Sauce …and lots more. 

For any questions please email me at Please get in touch if you have any allergies. 

Spaces are limited to 11 per group and classes tend to sell out. 

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