Easter, A Curragh in the water & a kitchen plan

The BoatShed is shaping up. I cleaned all the windows to let more light in. My favorite is the one in the kitchen looking out to sea. I stared out of it wondering if there was a kitchen anywhere with a better view. Some of the walls got a lick of white paint making the room look bigger but this wall will stay as is. I love the roughness and irregularity of the shapes. 


In between the work made some time for some cockling. We have a spot on Omey shore just ten minutes down the road. Like Razor clams one would generally use a rake, skimming the sands surface somewhere near water when the tide is far out. The rake makes a clink when it comes into contact with a shell and makes them easy to gather. Personally I love to use my hands and feel for the cockles under the surface. 

I served them with a Nettle Daishi and wild garlic flowers.