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I will be on maternity leave until January 2018



I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. Surrounded by slurping noodles, shared meals and loud markets. I spent summers in the West of Ireland. Picking blackberries and jumping in rock-pools. 

I move a lot and start projects when the time or a topic inspires me. I love to bring people together to pass on anything I pick up along the way and to continually take more in. 

 I am interested in sustainable practices, local ingredients and using food as a way to nourish the body.Oh and I also believe that we need to work towards wasting less too

I  base a lot of my work around vegetables, I still love jumping in rock pools although I have progressed to picking seaweeds from them too and have a obsessive interest in anything fermented. 

I am mainly based in Dublin where I can be found running workshops, hosting dinners, offering consultations or making things in The Fumbally.