The Boat Shed. Photo: Shantanu Starick

The Boat Shed. Photo: Shantanu Starick

Dillisk Project

Summer 2014 & 2015

 Is a seaside Food Project based down on the machair of Aughrusbeg,Connemara, Galway. 

It started from a wish to spend a summer in The West of Ireland. To be connected to one place, learn more about seaweeds and explore the food from the area. We built a kitchen with views out to sea and devised menu's around what was available, things we wanted to try out or what inspired us in that given week. 

We cooked all our fish in a homemade tandoor. 

We all re-learnt the value of food. We grew our own veggies as well as getting some from local organic suppliers. Our hands got dirty with soil and when a carrot is grown from seed to fruition you treat it better. 

We picked up fish hours before we served from line boats that don't trawl the ocean floor.

We tried to waste less. 

We had fun, swam, learnt ,creamy pints, gave people memorable experiences and showed people a special little corner of this country we call home. 

Photo: Shantanu Starick 

Photo: Shantanu Starick 

Jasper O Connor. Co- Collaborator.